Maury to the rescue!

It was yet another,  morning after the night before, kind of day. I was feeling a little fragile, and was not happy with the rather loud, and extremely obnoxious group of Miami retirees that were seated around my roulette game. I don’t remember much about any of them, apart from Maury. He was one of those people that got overly excited when he won an eight piece payout, even if he had bet twenty to win it. Whenever he won, he would shout;

“Lucky Mo! Lucky Mo!”

As I pushed out the chips, I would smile lamely, thinking;

“F**k off Mo! F**k off Mo!”

His friends were equally loud and obnoxious. Well not really, but my morning after the night before head found them all totally obnoxious. There was one lady, who  would yell constantly. She resembled Bette Davis, in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  I think she had the hots for Maury. Every time he won, she would scream, and laugh in a horrible high pitched cackle.

“Oooh!!! Maury won again!” She’d wrap her arms around his neck, delivering a sloppy wet kiss to his cheek. “Go get ’em Maury!”

Maury was eating it all up, like a high school jock, with an adoring cheerleader. I guess it was kinda cute when you think about it.
Sadly, Maury’s lucky streak came to an end, and his money ran out. The group rose from the table, and headed toward the dice pit. Thank God! I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, as I returned the chips to the color banks. There were empty plastic drink cups all around the edge of the table.  I started collecting them, placing them at the end of the table for the cocktail waitress to grab. That was when I saw it.

Just a few inches from my left foot, was a small furry animal. I screamed at the top of my lungs.
“It’s a rat! It’s a rat!” I jumped back in sheer panic.

“Don’t stamp on it! Don’t stamp on it!” Maury came rushing back toward the table. He stopped right before the critter, scooped it up, and placed it on top of his head. It slid off. That was when I saw the adhesive tape strip stuck to his now bald dome. Realizing the sticky was gone from the tape, he shoved it into his pocket, and casually returned to the dice table.

“Go get ’em Mo!” You lady killer you!



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