Sweeping the layout, hands free!

He was a famous London nightclub owner, originally from Yorkshire. He had had two major clubs in Leeds, during the seventies, and was something of a celebrity. He was a very debonair individual, always with a pretty girl on his arm. His arm candy of the night was, let’s call her Fuzzy Fox, apparently a star of adult movies.

Breast augmentation was relatively unheard of in Britain, at the time. We were all in total shock when she walked onto the casino floor, her boobs entering thirty seconds before she did. She wore a short, black, strappy number, with a deep plunge. She was proud of those babies!

I was dealing roulette to an older Chinese gentleman. He methodically placed his bets in the exact location every spin, he had a system. One of those systems that allowed him to win one chip, practically every spin.  We didn’t get a break every hour, so I had been stuck on this table with him for nearly two. It was a monotonous, game. I awaited my break anxiously. Then Fuzzy turned up at my table.

She was trashed. Loud, and obnoxiously giggly. She was very attractive, with Frizzy, dyed red hair, although nobody was really looking at her head. She had a fist full of £1 chips. I had already spun the ball, the Chinese gentleman had finished placing his extremely precise bet, when Fuzzy began to place her chips on the layout. Unfortunately, when she did, her oversize mammaries hit the layout before anything else. They swept up and down, dragging all of the Chinese gentleman’s meticulously placed chips out of place. He jumped up and down, frantically waving his arms, at the end of the table. She seemed totally oblivious to this fact, either due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed, or the lack of sensitivity in her triple Ds? Es? Fs?

“Miss, Miss, your er…” I tried to think of a way to tell her what she was doing. The Chinese gentleman was about to have a coronary.

“No spin!” The supervisor yelled. I dutifully picked the ball out of the wheel.

“What? What did I do?” She asked in bafflement. The supervisor whispered into her ear, and she giggled, and then apologized.

We invited Fuzzy to make her bet first, which she did while holding up her girls with her left arm, and then allowed the Chinese gentleman to make his bet. All’s well that ends well.


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