Attention Deficit

Bumped into an Asian dealer friend of mine on my way back from break, with a rather strong Vietnamese accent. I wished him a Happy New Year, and we high-fived. Suddenly his face took on a serious expression. He gripped my arm.

“Have you ever noticed I lack attention?” he asked me

Oh oh, what was wrong? I wasn’t sure what to say. Was he telling me that he was lonely? Had something happened on a game, where he had been told to pay more attention? Did he have ADHD? I felt a little uneasy with the situation.

“Well you’re a little flaky sometimes..” I joked. He cut me off.

“Coz my wife start new business. She do I lack attention.” He said flicking his eyelashes with his fore-finger.

“OH!!” It suddenly dawned on me “Eyelash extensions!!!!”

This is my favorite language barrier experience ever!


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