The Longest Hello

Leeds has been a very interracial city for many years. I had grown up going to school with many West Indian, Indian, and Pakistani kids. For some reason I had never really been exposed to the Chinese community, apart from trips to my local takeout, and the occasional restaurant. I had been dealing about a month or so, when an elderly Chinese lady, known to the employees as “mother”, came up to my table. It was the first time I had ever dealt to her.

“Yayo.” she said with a small bow, putting a ten pound note on the table.

“Hello.” I replied, smiling.

“Yayo.” she repeated, again with a small bow.

“Hello.” I replied, again.

“Yayo.” she said once more.

“Hello.” I said again.

“She wants the yellow chips you idiot!” My floorperson finally told me.


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