We’re all idiots!

How many of you have had something similar happen to you?

“This place sucks!” the customer informed me. “They’re all f**king idiots!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I gave that dice crew five grand last night. Now they act like they don’t even know me.”

I looked over at the dice pit. That was strange, the dealers he was pointing at were normally very customer friendly, and especially to Georges. He pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket.

“I might as well play.” He said. I can’t get in the room.”

“Why not?”

“The f**king card they gave me doesn’t work!”

“If you go to registration, they’ll get you a new one.” I informed him.

“I did, they’re idiots!” He threw a wad of cash on the table.

“Two thousand cash!” I called out. “Do you have your card, so we can rate you?”

The floorperson had joined us at the table. She smiled sweetly, as he fumbled through numerous pockets, looking for his elusive player’s card.

“Just put my name in.” He ordered her.

“Do you have your ID?” she asked. “I’ll get the pit clerk to make you a new player’s card, but you’ll have to go to registration for a room key.” He pulled his drivers’ license from his wallet and handed it to her. She deftly entered data into the tableside computer. “Have you played here at all today Michael?” There was no information on him in the system.

“Are you f**king serious?” He snapped. “I’ve been playing here for two days! I’ve lost twenty grand!” He began rifling through his pockets again. “Here it is!” He threw his player’s card at me.

“Do you have a card with us sir?” I asked. “This one is for the Bellagio.”

“This isn’t the Bellagio?” He looked around, puzzled.

“No sir, this is the “casinothatshallnotbenamedbecauseIamcurrentlyemployedthere”.

“Shit!” he looked embarrassed. “Where can I get a cab back to the Bellagio?”

I pushed back his money, ID, and player’s card. “Right outside that door sir.” I pointed toward the exit. “Next time come and stay with us, and we’ll give you a room key that works!” I winked at him.

“Okay, thanks!” Suddenly everything was making sense to him.

You would be amazed how many times this happens.


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