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A “George”, to those of us in the gaming industry, is a nice guy. He doesn’t just tip occasionally, he wants the dealer to make money right along with him. Not as big as a “whale”, but a good guy to have on your table. We have lots of terms of endearment within the casino business, but one dealer, back in the eighties, managed to use practically all of them in one line.

He was from New Jersey, and should probably have gotten out of the business way before he did. When you’re trapped on a blackjack table with players you don’t like, it has a tendency to bring out the worst in people. I tapped him off the game at the end of his eight hour shift. Instead of the customary “Okay guys,you have a new dealer. Goodnight!” He began pointing at each individual seated at the table, and said;

“Stiff, stiff, asshole, dick, total prick, and George!” 

He then cleared his hands, and walked off the game, leaving me standing there, open mouthed. There was probably a thirty second period of silence, before the guy on the last seat, and the only one to deny his given title, said;

“Er, my name’s not George!”


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